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 Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application

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Join date : 2010-09-05

PostSubject: Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application   Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:18 pm

Personal information
Name: Ellie (short for Eleanor) Sims

Age: 15 - 16 in November - I'm mature for my age Smile

Country: England

Language: English

Character information
Nick: Baxta - I have too many titles to remember x.x

Level: 80

Race: Gnome (don't even get me started on the amount of racism I get for that!)

Class: Rogue

Spec: MS Assassination, OS Subtlety for PvP

Link: Sorry, not entirely sure what that is :\

Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked? I'm willing to change whatever benefits the guild and their use of me Smile

Alt informationion:
80 Restoration Druid, recently dinged
70 Protection Paladin
67 Arcane Mage
62 Fury Warrior
56 Holy Priest
55 Death Knight (unplayed)
48 Demonology Warlock
19 Marksmanship Hunter (PvP)
1 Shaman (waiting for Cata- dwarf power!)

Previous main characters: This one is my main Smile

Raid experiences
Vanilla: I was young in the vanilla days so I didn't get much raiding done :\

TBC: I took a 2 year break during TBC

WotLK: So far 6/12 in ICC10 and 6/12 in ICC25 - I'm a dedicated player though and I will pick up on tactics needed for raiding, if I make it onto the team Smile

All previous guilds and reason for leaving: Unseen Shadows, a few years back, it's abandoned now- I was in it with some friends I'd known since I changed realms.
Genesis, left mid-August. I joined as a close real life friend was in it, but I felt I wasn't getting anything out of the guild socially and raid progression, so I left.

Why do you want to join Misery and why do you think Misery is the guild for you? I think the name is very catchy and one that I would be proud to display below my name. I have also heard good things about the guild, and the member which I encountered was very helpful and friendly- this is the sort of community I would wish to be a part of Smile I think Misery is the guild for me as the raid progression is going well and the members within seem like friendly, honest people.

Can you play from 20.00 to +-2400 and minimal 3 raid per week? The weekends are a definete yes, and possibly 2 nights in the week. I am currently in school in year 11, so I have important exams coming up which may need extra revision etc. which I hope you guys can sympathise with. Smile

Your internet connection? (lags/DCs?) If I'm going to raid, I kick my brother off the internet for the night to get the best performance I can. I don't tend to disconnect, and I only lag when my graphics are too high which is easily adjustable Smile

Do you know/have Ventrilo? I have Ventrilo but I hate using it, however I'm willing if it will benefit in raids Smile

Do you have microphone? I play on my laptop so only the built in stuff- concerning Skype conversations and such, I've been told that the reception in the microphone is terrible..

Average FPS during 10/25 man raids? I haven't actually checked.. I don't lag? :3

All you planning to take a break from WoW anytime soon? Nope, in fact I'm really getting into it again. I will definetely be hardcore when Cata comes out ^.^

Do you know anyone in Misery? Only the member that I talked to, whose name I now can't remember.. Sad *hides*

A few words about you... I'm a friendly player and I am willing to help others out in-game, be it with a quest, borrowing gold, or crafting gear (I am a LW) for them. I'm quite a casual player, but when you need me to be there, I'll put other things on hold and be there. I'm a bit of a social reject in real life so most of my time is spent online anyway xD I'm one of the few ACTUAL female gamers- not a poser Wink I'm currently in school and I have exams coming up, so I might not be able to put 100% into the game as school is (obviously) more important.

Do you have any questions to us? I've heard that it's good to ask questions in an interview.. but I honestly can't think of anything.. The member I spoke to was very friendly and answered any questions I had when I spoke to him Smile or her.. I'm not quite sure x.x

I hope you consider my application, and let me know if I am accepted or not Smile
You can contact me either in-game on Baxta or Faelwel, or if you'd prefer to be more personal, e-mail me at elliesims94@hotmail.co.uk (original, I know -.-)
Get back to me in your own time Smile
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Age : 32
Location : Norway

PostSubject: Re: Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application   Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:36 am

Thank you for applying to Misery Baxta Smile

For the info, it was me you were talking too ^.^ i'm kinda hurt that you forgot my name! Sad
hehe Twisted Evil

I like your application, seems like you putted a lot of time into it, and i like it.

Maybe a little bit unexperienced, but that is not a major problem i think. Form em like you want em.

We will have a look at your application. and get back to you as soon as possible.


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Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-09-05

PostSubject: Re: Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application   Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:18 pm

Bips, that's it! The name was on the tip of my tongue, honest Laughing

Thanks for the response- I just wanted to make sure everything you possibly needed to know was there Smile

I think the main thing holding me back in raiding was the face that my previous guild didn't progress past Rotface+Fester, and the rest of my ICC experience was in PuGs which, let's be honest, never make it past the second wing..

In your own time. I patiently await your response Smile
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Posts : 430
Join date : 2009-08-24
Age : 32
Location : Norway

PostSubject: Re: Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application   Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:38 pm

Hey Baxta.

The crew of Misery have had a look at your application.
We can not give you a trial for raider at this moment. Cause of low gear lvl.
But we are willing to give you a casual spot in the guild until you got your gear and experience up a bit.

pls let me or another officer know in game or on this forum if you decline or accept Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application   

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Baxta - Assassination Rogue Application
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