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 KlicKz -- Hunter! Not tard! Promise :)

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Join date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: KlicKz -- Hunter! Not tard! Promise :)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:38 pm

Personal information

Name: Craig

Age: 24

Country: England

Language: English

Character information

Nick: KlicKz

Level: 80

Race: NeLF

Class: Hunter

Spec: MM main, Sv secondary Smile

Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Terenas&cn=Klickz

Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked? Yes, ofcourse Smile

Alt informationion

Previous main characters

Name: Healsalót (1) | Frénzy (2)

Class: Priest (1) | DeathKnight (2)

Spec: Holy/shadow (1) | Blood/Frost (2)

Realm: Teranas (1,2)

Raid experiences

Vanilla: Have done everything here, not managed to raid at 60 tho, was a lil behind at that point, but since achievs came about havent clocked everything but am 80% complete with it Smile

TBC: Raided all dungeons and raids at 70 with Small gods on deathwing server! i personally Didnt complete all raids with guild but played big parts in the ones i didnt complete Smile

WotLK: Have raided in all 10's and 25 man raids apart from uld 25 man, completed all other than uld n icc, have not long been back ( bout 2 months) and into icc, but completeing the game and Defeating LK is a big priority to me before CaTa is released Smile

All previous guilds and reason for leaving

Wanted to raid more 25 man, i was Intuition guild (AQ server, like top guild there i think still) before and im not into smaller guilds no more.. they jus fall apart or have people jus idleing getting nowhere! ive got more out of pugs since transfering here to this realm than the guild im currently in! Smile (i transfered due to family members moving here) Wink

Why do you want to join Misery and why do you think Misery is the guild for you?

Id like to join misery because i want to be part of a successful 25 man raiding guild, which im told u are... i dont know many guilds or people here yet so am hoping u guys will help me as much as i can help you's!

Can you play from 20.00 to +-2400 and minimal 3 raid per week?

yes i can certainly try my best to be available when im needed!

Your internet connection? (lags/DCs?)

Not happened for a very long time ^^, so shouldnt be a problem

Do you know/have Ventrilo?

Yes and Yes!

Do you have microphone?

depends if i havent stood on it or got angry from playin Css!! xD

All you planning to take a break from WoW anytime soon?

Not unless i win the lottery! Very Happy

Do you know anyone in Misery

Have met Pixzo, very kool Lock which pointed me in this direction, and sold me an expensive item ^^ Wink

A few words about you...

Am a kool down to earth person, enjoy playin wow obviously, i play football everyweeknd for a local team. have a lil boy which comes first even above wow! so if im not here its cos of him Wink Im still always learnin lil things in this game even after 5 years now!! :O xD
Jus wanna also put out there, my gs may seem low but i prove people wrong all the time cos i know my class!

Do you have any questions to us?

Not that i can think of now!! but i wont hesitate to ask Wink
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Location : Norway

PostSubject: Re: KlicKz -- Hunter! Not tard! Promise :)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:48 pm

thank you for applying to Misery.

We will have a look at your application as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on this forum the next up coming days.

good luck.


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PostSubject: Re: KlicKz -- Hunter! Not tard! Promise :)   Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:00 pm

Hi mate.

I'm sorry to inform you - that we're currently aint looking for hunters.

Feel free - to pop by, from time to time, and see if the spot is open for recruitment.

Best wishes,
Drunkish // Officer
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PostSubject: Re: KlicKz -- Hunter! Not tard! Promise :)   

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KlicKz -- Hunter! Not tard! Promise :)
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